From the time I was four years old I could not eat any foods that contained dairy products. When I had food that even had a trace amount I would experience severe headaches and stomach pains. At 13 I went through N.A.E.T and now I can eat milk products without a problem.”

Ben W. – Middlesex, NJ

“I love to ride horses, especially my own. I was experiencing asthma like symptoms whenever I was around my horse and had to use an inhaler. Dr. Wolk-Weiss helped me to be free of medication and to be able to enjoy my horse again with N.A.E.T.”

Cathy W. – Somerset,NJ

“I have had allergies most of my life, spring and summer were not enjoyable with the intensity of the hay fever I experienced. Thanks to Dr. Wolk-Weiss and NAET I have been completely allergy free now for over 10 years! Now I fully enjoy all seasons. Dr. Wolk-Weiss is an extraordinary healer and compassionate chiropractor.”


Patient Stories

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