Our History


Dr. Perry Wolk-Weiss

Director and Chiropractor

From the moment you walk through the door of The Get Well Center located in a restored Victorian home you will feel the positive and relaxed energies within. Established in 1981 by Dr. Perry Wolk-Weiss as a multi- disciplinary, holistically oriented health care facility. We have assembled a team of highly skilled, dedicated and compassionate professionals to help you achieve the level of optimal health and vitality you deserve.

We are dedicated to working with you to achieve a lifestyle of health and joy. The Get Well Center regularly offers classes to help you incorporate balance and optimal health into your lifestyle.

The professionals at The Get Well Center maintain independent and distinct practices. We are a group practice in the sharing of space and a commitment to high standards of practice as well as supporting our clients on their individual healing journeys..

“Each patient carries his own doctor inside him. They come to us not knowing that truth. We are at our best when we give the doctor who resides within each patient a chance to work.”

Albert Schweitzer, MD

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