What will happen during my first appointment?

Your first visit will include a comprehensive health history with the doctor to include your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. From information gathered during the health history and any necessary physical exam, x-rays and or blood work a therapeutic plan is developed to guide each patient towards optimal health.

What should I bring with me to my first visit?

Please bring:

  • Your completed intake forms (download here).
  • Your insurance identification card.
  • Any forms you might have been e-mailed and asked to complete prior to your first visit.
  • Any copies of recent chart notes, lab results, or imaging reports related to your complaint/goal.

If you are seeing the doctor for a nutritional consultation please bring all medications, vitamins, herbs, and supplements that you take on a regular basis. If you have more than 10 medications and/or supplements, please bring in a list including the product name, manufacturer (for supplements), and dose.

How much time will I have to allow for my initial visit?

It can vary according to the severity of your health concerns. We generally tell new patients to expect to be here for forty-five minutes to an hour. Our approach focuses on finding and treating the causes of illness, not just on relieving symptoms. It is important for your doctor to understand you as a person and to get a clear sense of how all aspects of your life come together to impact your health. By getting a well-rounded picture, we treat your current condition and alleviate your symptoms putting you on the path toward lifelong optimal health.

Will I be treated on the first visit?

Treatments depend on the type of problem you are experiencing. We understand no one wants to endure more pain and if the doctor feels he can effectively treat you on your first visit to help relieve your pain he will. Some health conditions require laboratory testing and a review of your past medical history to help uncover the underlying problem before treatment can begin. If this applies to you then the doctor will discuss a time frame in which treatment would most likely begin.

How do I know if the type of care you offer is the right choice for me? Can you treat my condition?

Many of our most successful results have come from frustrated people who have tried many other healing modalities. Once you meet with the doctor and he evaluates your particular situation he will be able to honestly advise you as to the likelihood of finding a solution to your health concerns. Our focus is helping your body to heal itself and helping you to keep it healthy with minimal use of prescription medications or surgery.

What if I do not have any pain or specific issue?

If you are healthy, this is the best time to establish care at The Get Well Center! The doctor will help you identify what you have been doing right, and help you make improvements so that you can continue to live a healthy life.

Do you discuss my treatment with my medical doctor?

With your consent, we are happy to discuss our findings and treatment with your medical doctor. We believe each practitioner has their own expertise and working as a team we can help you to reach optimal health.

Are We Right For You?

Let’s face it not all chiropractors are alike nor are all medical doctors alike. If you are the type of person who believes that health is something that is not found in a bottle, that the human body is self healing and given the right conditions can heal itself with minimal use of medication and that optimal health is the innate intention of the human body, then you are in the right place. Our primary goal is to resolve your health issue in as few visits as possible and to empower you with the information you need to help your body stay healthy.

Are you part of my insurance network?

Insurance plans provide for in and out of network coverage. There are many different insurance plans therefore it is difficult to know each person’s specific situation. Our staff is well qualified to contact your insurance company on your behalf and inquire as to the extent of your coverage and guidelines. Coverage can be dependent on the specific service offered.

When you come in for your initial visit we can discuss all the financial options available to you. If you need to know any fees prior to your first visit please feel free to contact our office.

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